Second edition of the gastronomic event: Peruvian Chilies 2.0 Tasty, Spicy and Trendy

The Peruvian gastronomy distinguished itself once again in the Netherlands during the second edition of the gastronomic event "Peruvian Chilies 2:0. Tasty, Spicy and Trendy" which took place on October, 2nd at the Hotel School The Hague, Campus Amsterdam, one of the most prestigious schools in the wolrd. For this occasion, we welcomed the participation of the peruvian chef Carlos Pardo-Figueroa, also professors at the gastronomy school of the University San Ignacio de Loyola, USIL.150 people among which students, professionals and gastronomy press in the Netherlands attended the event.

Among the various activities that took place during the event, the chef Pardo Figueroa gave a masterclass on the origins, variety and importance for our gastronomy of the peruvian chili or better said 'ají' as well as a didactic demonstration of how to prepare ceviche and causas. Besides this main activity, there were also workshops showing a detailed preparation of peruvian dishes and pisco cocktails in addition to tastings of aji-based dishes.

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