Cultural event "Mysteries around the work of José de Orejón and Aparicio" in the City of U

On March 30, the cultural event "Mysteries around the work of José de Orejón y Aparicio" by the Argentine musician Adrián Rodríguez Van der Spoel took place at the Instituto Cervantes in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands. Mr. Rodriguez is the Director of the group "Musica Temprana” with headquarters in the Netherlands, which that is dedicated to investigate and to put into value Latin American baroque music. This group published in the year 2013 the book "Bailes, Tonadas y Cachuas" that presents the songs and dances of the north of Peru of century XVIII contained in the Codex Trujillo.

The conference was intended to present the legacy of the Peruvian composer José de Orejón y Aparicio (1706-1765), who was the first mestizo to occupy the high position of chapel master of the Cathedral of Lima in the middle of the eighteenth century. The group Musica Temprana has launched a CD with their works, through a crowdfunding campaign supported by the Embassy of Peru, and promoted the work of this composer with the realization of concerts in various cities of the Netherlands.

During the conference, Mr. Rodríguez talked about the life and work of Orejón, including the special circumstances of the rediscovery of his works, stolen from the Cathedral of Lima and then found, through microfilms, in Buenos Aires as part of the inheritance of an Argentine musicologist. Likewise, Mr. Rodríguez contextualized the music of Orejón in his time and analyzed the musical style - influenced by the Spanish and Italian music of the time - and its structure, counting for this with the support of the students of the conservatory of the city of Utrecht, who played some pieces of this composer, in an interpretation highly appreciated by the audience.

At the end of the conference a honor Pisco was offered. Also, the Embassy of Peru thanks Musica Temprana for joining the #UnaSolaFuerza campaign with the donation of a percentage of the sale of the CDs offered at that opportunity.

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