The Embassy of Peru participates in the Embassy Festival of The Hague

​​​​​​​​Last September 3rd the Embassy of Peru in the Netherlands participated in a new annual edition of the Embassy Festival of the city of The Hague. This event had the participation of around forty Diplomatic Missions from all regions of the world, who shared their culture and gastronomy in a plaza open to the public in general in the center of the “International City of Peace and Justice”.

The Peruvian stand had the presence of the national restaurant with venue in The Hague, “Somos Perú”, which offered a great variety of national dishes, as well as a space of promotion of tourism with the presence of the “Tourism Consultancy” agency, representative of “Promperú” in this venue, which had a massive attendance and special interest from the Dutch public all throughout the eight hours of the event which started at midday.

Also, thanks to the joint coordination between this Embassy and the “Club Libertad Filial Amsterdam”, organization dedicated to the promotion of Marinera in the Netherlands, one of the stages of the event could count with the presentation of this beautiful national dance with the presence of a young dancing couple who reside in this country, Rafaela Kamp and Noah de Vogel, of 6 and 9 years old respectively, and from the Champions Miguel Córdova and Fiorella Lombardi, who came from Italy to showcase their art and talent, in a performance that was highly praised by the public.

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