Wool: Veenendaal finds Peru​

The city of Veenendaal in the Netherlands was dressed with the textiles of Peru for the opening of the exhibition "Wool: Veenendaal Meets Peru" in its municipal Museum, which took place on September 11 and will remain open to the Dutch public, particularly the province of Utrecht, until 9 January 2016.

The aforementioned museum aims to divulge the history of the main economic activities of this city, the same which, among others, has traditionally been a producer of textiles in the Netherlands. The purpose of this exhibition is to make a parallel between local production and a world leader in textile production, such as Peru. To this aim a noteworthy exhibition is presented that showcases Peruvian textiles from the coast, highlands and jungle. These textiles were provided by the Embassy of Peru in the Netherlands, the Dutch Wereldmuseum Rotterdam and by Dutch private collections. Additionally, the exhibition also features photographs of landmarks of our country.

Furthermore, the occasion was conducive also to highlight the evolution of the millenary Peruvian textile production. Production whose first expressions date back to the cotton fabrics in Caral and has received international distinctions such as that awarded by UNESCO to the textile art of Taquile for being a "Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

The aforementioned ceremony was also attended by a local artist who sang Peruvian pieces using the traditional Antara.

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