Political Affairs

Palace of the Government, Lima, Peru
Binnenhof, House of Parliament, The Hague, The Netherlands
Palace of Torre Tagle, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lima, Peru

Peru and the Netherlands share important similarities as medium-sized countries in their respective geographic areas, who seek to promote integration as a way to generate alternative international links, and who at the same time want to enhance their country’s presence in global issues, including organizing international conferences.​


It should be noted, in particular, full convergence between the principles and values that guide our internal and external policies, based on the defense of democracy, the rule of law, the free market, the promotion of human rights, sustainable development and the peaceful settlement of disputes.


On that basis we have developed a very good level of political dialogue with the authorities of the Netherlands from a Bilateral Consultation Mechanism with meetings in Lima and in The Hague, which has allowed a growing political ties between the two countries from the priority given by the Peru this relationship on the basis of Dutch specific weight in the international economic environment and the level and potential of its investments and its market for exports.


It is important to note the priority given to educational co-operation between the two countries from signing in the first quarter of 2015, of a Memorandum of Understanding between "Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education" (Nuffic) and Ministry of Education of Peru which will strengthen academic ties, especially at the university level.


Peru welcomes the interest of the Dutch government in the development of the Pacific Alliance, in which it participates as an observer and promotes the creation of opportunities for convergence within the framework of this integration scheme. Also, the Netherlands are contributing to various initiatives of interest Peru within the European Union, including the trade agreement with this organization and the Schengen visa exemption, among others.


Based on the positive perception of Peru as a stable, emerging and with an excepcional cultural and material wealth, we hope to continue to deepen the excellent level of bilateral relations with which we currently have.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague, Netherlands


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