Peruvian Music and Dance

Musica Temprana

A group of musicians from different nationalities working in the Netherlands specializing in Baroque and Latin American music. The group has been working from Europe on two projects related to Peru:


Bailes, Tonadas y Cauchas

This book, consisting of nine volumes, portrays songs and dances of northern Peru from the 18th century. It is based on the Bishop of Trujillo Baltasar Martinez de Compañón’s manuscript in the " 18th century Codex Trujillo del Perú", today owned by the Biblioteca de Palacio in Madrid, with the purpose of bringing light to recorded music of oral tradition of that time. The book represents the music recorded by the bishop in modern notation and includes the findings of mr. Adrian Van der Spoel, who discusses each subject matter by creating a historical and musicological framework so that the reader understands the music and its context.


José de Orejón y Aparicio:

Said Peruvian composer (1706-1765), was the first mestizo assigned to the important post of Chapel Master of the Cathedral of Lima. His music is of the highest level and is comparable that of the masters of his time, from both "old" Europe and the New World. It represents the "italianization" of the style, with the explosion of virtuosity both in violins and singing. However, his works suddenly disappeared from the shelves of the library of the Cathedral. Fortunately, years later, amidst the inheritance of an Argentinian musicologist, a microfilm with photographs of each of the pages of the work of Orejón was found. In this regard, the Group "Musica Temprana" chose to interpret the music of this composer, for which the successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign here in the Netherlands to finance the production of a CD, the same that will be released during this year. Also in November-December last year they toured 8 cities in the Netherlands, performing the music of said composer in two concerts.


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Club Libertad Subsidiary Amsterdam

Club Libertad Subsidiary Amsterdam is a Foundation dedicated to the promotion of the “Marinera” dance in the Netherlands. Created in 2015, they promote various events related to this wonderful Peruvian dance, including workshops, championships, among others.


“Marinera” is a dance from the coast of Peru. It is one of the most popular traditional dances of our country, and represents an elegant reenactment of a courtship. It is one of our biggest elements of national identification and unity and has been declared a Cultural Heritage of the nation since 1986.


Club Libertad Amsterdam organizes events in the Netherlands such as the “Fiesta del Perol” and the “Selective Championship of Marinera”, these events reproduce some of the typical celebrations of this dance that take place Trujillo in Peru. In the news section of the web page you will find announcements about these events.


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