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Marinera, Cultural Dance
Fiesta de la Candelaria, Puno, Peru

Peru's Plan of Foreign Cultural Policy prepared by the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, is oriented to promoting abroad the most significant expressions of our cultural wealth in a steady, articulated and coherent way. In doing so, it strengthens the cultural process of our country and contributes transversely, as a key tool to achieving the main strategic objectives of foreign policy, including precisely stated "the implementation of an international cultural policy for the prestige it gives to the foreign policy of Peru and its multiplying effect it has in the fields of tourism, exports, trade and investment."


In that sense the plan identifies the following goals in the cultural area:


  • Promoting figures and outstanding works of Peruvian culture.

  • Enriching the cultural process of Peru through international exchanges and capacity building.

  • Protect and promote the cultural heritage of Peru, as well as favoring cultural relations with the countries that are depositories of cultural and natural heritage.

  • Increase the presence of Peru in academic circles abroad.

  • Encourage the development of national cultural industries promoting them abroad.

  • To promote the strengthening of the cultural values of the Andean peoples and the Amazonian communities.


The work of the Embassy of Peru in the Netherlands seeks to help achieve these objectives, through the development of events and co-operation actions that involve Peruvian and Dutch institutions.


You can see the cultural activities organized by the Embassy and future events in the news section of this webpage.

Nazca lines, Ica, Peru


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