The Dutch government introduced in April 2013 a new cooperation policy for development based on three pillars: eradicating extreme poverty, achieving inclusive development and ensuring the success of Dutch companies abroad. To learn more about this policy follow this link: 'A World to Gain: a New Agenda for Aid, Trade and Investment'.


Currently, the following programs operate in Peru:


Exports Promotion Center for Developing Countries (CBI) The integrated program 2014-2018 is being implemented in collaboration with PromPeru and focuses on exports of natural ingredients for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic , meals, grains, nuts and processed food; as well as gourmet coffee and cocoa, aquaculture and textiles.


Facility for Infrastructure Development (ORIO): The ORIO program was designed to develop infrastructure projects with the participation of Dutch private companies and the public sector in developing countries. Under this program, a Grant Agreement for the Development Phase of the project "Strengthening the care of maternal and child health in the poorest areas of Peru" to improve infrastructure and management of the health sector in the MCH area in Lima and Huancavelica was signed. Although the ORIO program has been discontinued, the project in Peru continues under evaluation.


Netherlands Senior Experts - PUM : The program aims to strengthen business capabilities of small and medium enterprises. In 2014 helped a total of 63 projects in Peru in different areas such as agriculture, aquaculture and tourism.


NUFFIC-EP : In early 2015 the Ministry of Education of Peru signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NUFFIC in order to develop and promote close cooperation for progress and internationalization of higher education between Peru and Netherlands. To this end, both parties agreed to disseminate study opportunities in higher education; promote academic subscription agreements; promote the mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff; exchange information on scholarships; among others.


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